$124.00 mo
$89.00 mo
$63.00 mo
$63.00 mo
rental img1 Outside Spaces - Great for RVs, Boats & Trailers
Row A 12x30 - $69.00; Row A back 12x35 - $79.00; A-70 12x30 - $69.00; A-71, A-72, A-73 - 12x25 - $49.00. Row B 12x35 - $79.00. 600 BLOCK: 15'w x 45'L x 16'h w/trickle electric AND remote opener - $399.00 PLUS $213.50 security deposit. ($75.00 fee if the remote is lost or broken - due immediately! NOT part of the sec. deposit.) 600 END PARKING 14x45 - $89.00.

-New, Larger Storage Spaces Not Pictured Yet But Also Available-
10x30 =$220.00 mo & 10x40 =$255.00 mo with 2 doors; 12x30x12 with 10'x10' door = $257.00 mo.

Round Max Disc Locks:We carry heavy-duty disc locks and we Highly Recommend the use of these locks as they are better-able to secure the units. C-970 3-key Heavy Duty Disc lock - $19.00; C-870 2-key Disc padlock - $16.00; C-870-2 4-key Twin Disc locks - $22.00.
time of Exit

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No Security Deposit Required for most units;
So...we ask you to leave it as you found it!


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